DiversCity in Law – Monday 4 December 2017

A commercial law graduate recruitment event for LGBT candidates. Application to attend an afternoon of seminars and networking opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students interested in a career in law in the city.

DiversCity in Law – Monday 4 December 2017

Eligibility criteria for applicants
You must be studying or have completed an undergraduate degree in a law or non-law subject and you must have clear reasons for wanting a place. We are looking for a minimum of 320 UCAS points and, if you have any degree results to date, you should be heading towards a strong 2.1 overall.

Please note, if you are unsuccessful in securing a place at this event, due to the volume of applications received, the law firms involved will not be able to provide feedback. However, you are welcome to apply for future roles and events with any of the sponsor firms.

Please complete your application application by midnight on Sunday 19th November 2017.

The cost of your travel will be covered by the participating firms (up to a maximum of £100). If your travel is likely to exceed this amount please let us know in advance of purchasing your tickets. Where possible, we would encourage you to avoid travelling at peak times and use a rail card if you have one.

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* This section is designed to ensure that we have the information we require to accurately assess any applicant who has experienced particular personal or educational disadvantage. This box should be used where your education has been significantly disrupted or disadvantaged through health or personal problems, disability or difficulties with school or university.  Would you like to declare any extenuating circumstances?

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* DiversCity in Law (DiversCity) recognises its responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 1998 (the 1998 Act) in respect of data in respect of applicants. We hold and process information about applicants and alumni for various purposes (for example to monitor the success of applicants in obtaining placements and training contracts and to disseminate this information among member law firms). DiversCity must comply with the data protection principles which are set out in the 1998 Act. For example, information must be collected and used fairly, stored safely and not disclosed to any other person unlawfully. It is our policy to seek the consent of applicants to hold and process personal data, including sensitive personal data (as defined in the 1998 Act), about them.

Data Processing
Listed below are the main categories of data which DiversCity may hold/process, the main purposes(s) for holding/processing such data, the possible disclosures of such data and the likely sources of such data. In addition to having a legitimate basis for processing data, DiversCity has an additional duty to process that data fairly (for example, in accordance with any duty of confidence owed to you).

Retention of Data
DiversCity will keep some classes of information for longer than others. These will include information held, for example, for reference and monitoring purposes. Some data on applicants may be held/processed indefinitely in an anonymous form for statistical records and research.

By completing the application form for the DiversCity in Law 2016 event you confirm that you have read the summary of our Data Protection policy set out above and consent to DiversCity holding and processing data and in particular the processing of any sensitive personal data relating to you, including, as appropriate, for the main purpose(s) listed below.

Your gender sexual orientation racial or ethnic origin or religious or similar information, including any disability.

Main Purpose:
Equal opportunities monitoring, effectiveness of DiversCity initiatives placing applicants.

Main Sources and Disclosures:
DiversCity in Law application form/submission; DiversCity member firms representatives and human resources/graduate recruitment/talent teams.

*I confirm that I have read the summary of DiversCity's Data Protection policy set out in this application form and consent to DiversCity holding and processing such personal data, including sensitive personal data. About me for the purposes summarised below. If you have any questions relating to this please email: contactus@diverscityinlaw.com