This brief survey developed by the STUC Disabled Workers Committee to help us better understand employers attitudes to employing and retaining disabled workers.
It is proposed that the survey will run until 30th September and the findings will be launched ahead of  the 14th Annual STUC Disabled Workers Conference commencing on the 18th November 2017.

There will be a prize draw and all those leaving contact details will have a chance of winning a £20.00 book token

* 1. What trade union are you a member of? if any

* 2. Please tell us the name of your employer

* 3. Please describe your job role?

* 4. Is your employer?

* 5. Please rate your employers attitude towards disabled people in the workplace?

  Very Positive Positive Neutral Negative Very Negative
General approach
Recruitment/selection processes
Willingness to make reasonable adjustments
Adjustments for disability in sickness absence processes
Performance management
Supporting continued employment
Understanding the use of Access to Work

* 6. In which nation within the United Kingdom do you work?

* 7. Do you identify as disabled?

* 8. Do you identify with other protected characteristics defined within the Equality Act 2010?

* 9. Would you be willing to support the work of the STUC by joining in a future focus group?

Thanks you for completing this survey.

If you would like to find out more about the Disabled Workers Committee pease visit our STUC Disabled Workers  Facebook Page or Twitter @stucdisabled