Welcome to the 2022 Update of the Opportunities Fife Partnership: Directory of Employability Services

Fife benefits from a fantastic range of employability services which are funded to help the people of Fife on their journey towards and within employment. 

We want to make sure that everyone can find the service(s) they need quickly and in an easily understandable way and this update of the Opportunities Fife Partnership: Directory of Employability Services will provide a list of the organisations and the information on the services they provide across Fife online and in hard copy. We would be grateful for your help in providing us with the most up to date information about your organisation and the projects you are delivering. 

There is space provided for you to give information on up to eight different employability projects.  If an employability project is part of a partnership/consortium (e.g. Fife-ETC) then please indicate this at the appropriate part of the survey.

Your responses are highly valued and we would encourage you to answer as fully and accurately as possible and in a way that is clear for people who may be new to employability services. It should take between 10-50 minutes to complete depending on the number of projects you have.

You can have a look at the previous directory if you follow the link here Directory of Employability Services 2018

The extended deadline for submissions is now Monday 20th June 2022

If you have any questions please contact Sandy MacKenzie at sandy@fva.org or Ewan MacLeod at ewan@fva.org