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Directing the Documentary 

Dates: 28th October - 1st November 2019
Location: The Albany Centre, 44 Ashley St, Glasgow G3 6DS

Learn how to develop a documentary idea and turn it into a finished film that an audience will want to see.

Course Content
On this intensive five day course you will learn how to develop a documentary idea and turn it into a finished film that an audience will want to see.

The first part of each morning will be spent developing the participants' own documentary ideas. Then for the rest of each day the five aspects of directing a documentary will be explored. By the end of the course, you will be ready to go out and shoot your film.

Day 1 - Developing Your Idea
How you can discover if your idea is worth turning into a documentary film and ways to develop your idea into something an audience will happily pay money to see.

Day 2 - Interview Style & Technique
Who you decide to appear in your film and how you choose them. You will also look at great interview technique and five serious mistakes to avoid.

Day 3 - Camera, Lights & Style
How you translate your idea into the language of film; Do you want to make a serious subject funny or a light subject serious? And how to decide an appropriate camera and lighting style. You will also discover ways to reveal truth on camera.

Day 4 - Editing & Sound
Creating drama and emotion through editing; The best way to use sound and music to express your vision as a director

Day 5 - Sell Your Documentary
Getting your film made on all budgets and making sure it secures an audience. How to earn a living as a documentary filmmaker.

In order to get the most out of this course, please bring  one or two of your own ideas to work on throughout the week.

Col Spector is an award-winning writer/director who started in non-fiction at the BBC and now also works in fiction: writing and directing feature films for the cinema. He also runs his own documentary consultancy business

Col started at the BBC directing various short comedy dramas series. He then went on to direct a number of highly distinctive, critically acclaimed documentaries for Channel 4 and BBC including Just Enough Distance, Trouble At The House, Puccini Cappuccini, The Real Alan Clark, and The Lost Supper. 

Freelance Rate: £775
Corporate Rate: £1375

Once you have been accepted on the course we will invoice you, by email, for the full amount of the fees. We must receive your payment 5 working days before the course at the latest. Your place on the course is not confirmed until we have received full payment from you, or you have received written confirmation that you have been awarded a bursary.

Application and deadlines
This course is currently open for applications.

If you are intending to apply for a bursary the deadline is 5.30pm on 11th October 2019.

Thanks to funding from the Scottish Government, discretionary bursaries may be available to those who are eligible. Bursary information is available from and on each course information page. Please contact if you have a bursary query.

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