Direct Payments are “monetary payments made to individuals who request to receive one to meet some or all of their eligible care and support needs.” (Care Act 2014).  

Under the Children and Families Act, Direct Payments are monetary payments made available by the Local Authority to anyone eligible so they can employ a Personal Assistant, for a child with a disability.  Direct Payments must be offered as an alternative to a commissioned service. 

Direct Payments can be used in a variety of ways, including paying for a Personal Assistant.  Personal Assistants can support someone to carry out daily living tasks, access activities or meet other needs identified in their Care and Support plan.   For example, they could:  
  • Support someone to access the community
  • Support them with personal care
Currently, when someone chooses to have a Direct Payment, they will discuss with their social worker how many hours support they need to meet their eligible needs.  Social workers use their experience and support from the Direct Payment Advisors to calculate the right amount. 
To make Direct Payments easier to use and to make sure Personal Assistants receive a fair wage in Bath & North East Somerset we want to introduce a Direct Payment Standard Price Model.  This model will have clear information on how much funding B&NES Council will provide in a Direct Payment so that Personal Assistants can be paid fairly, and so that other costs that need to be paid, like insurance, DBS checks and payroll costs can be covered.

We are proposing to introduce standard hourly rates for all new Direct Payments that are used to employ Personal Assistants in B&NES. 

For all new and existing Direct Payments, we are also proposing to change how we calculate the on costs that are added to Direct Payments, to cover all the additional things on top of the Personal Assistant’s wages, such as insurance, DBS checks and payroll costs.

We want to hear your views on these proposals.  This survey is also available in a Easy read version:  

If you receive Direct Payments for both a child / young person under 18 and an adult, please complete a separate survey for each.

This survey should take 15-25 minutes to complete.

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