Issues and Challenges

The Town Council has been listening to local people's comments and identified what it feels are the main issues and challenges facing the Town now and over the coming years. As part of the Neighbourhood Plan the Town Council wants to check that it understands the most important issues and challenges affecting people's lives in Dereham, so that as plans are made for Dereham to grow these issues can be taken into consideration.
There are a list of issues and challenges below, for each issue, please score it in terms of how each one impacts on the quality of life in the Town, 1 star little impact and 10 stars big impact.  

* 1. Traffic congestion is discouraging people from visiting Dereham. 

* 2. Traffic congestion is negatively affecting the quality of people's lives who do not have a choice of when to travel.

* 3. There are difficulties accessing GPs

* 4. The Tavern Lane junction between Roys and Homebase causes significant congestion at peak times.

* 5. There is a deficit of public open space such as parks, open spaces and sports pitches in the south of the Town

* 6. There is inadequate provision in Dereham to make use of non-motorised forms of transport such as walking and cycling an attractive alternative to driving.

* 7. In recent years the population of Dereham has been growing faster than employment opportunities in Dereham.

* 8. The Town centre needs to evolve to ensure it remains vibrant and attractive.