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The IAT has never conducted a survey focussed on mental health and well-being of animal technicians and as the leading professional body for animal technicians in the UK, it is vital that we work to develop a strategy going forward that supports the health and well-being of animal technicians across the UK. The survey should include both IAT members and non-members.

This survey is being conducted by the IAT Equality and Diversity group and aims to:
  • Discover areas of support required around mental health and well-being ( including any other equality and diversity issue) for animal technicians
  • Give an accurate indication of any views and concerns
  • Identify where support and improvements need to be focussed, or resources directed ( such as specific articles, network/communication groups and workshops etc.

DATA COLLECTION STATEMENT – This information will be used for IAT use only, will be anonymous, and will not be stored after results are collated

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