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Data Privacy, Information Sharing & Client Consent

Data Privacy and Information Sharing

We will handle the information you have provided in line with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018. Any personal information will be held in confidence with only the necessary people able to see or use it.
Please note that as part of the service we offer, we will share your details with prospective employers or other agencies. The employers or agencies will in return share basic information about you with us so that we can see if we are having an impact.

If you obtain employment through this programme, we may contact you or your employer for confirmation that you have secured, and remained in, employment. For funding purposes, we may share data with your local authority .

In addition, your details and CV may be forwarded to employers using non secure email.

By completing this form you have read the statement above; you have had the reasons for information sharing explained to you and you understand those reasons; and that the information you have entered in the form above is correct:

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