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Hygiene standards can make or break a business.

Getting cleaning right in the catering and hospitality sectors is a crucial priority.

Following the landslide General Election win, the Conservatives now have a clear mandate to implement a post-Brexit immigration policy. This will not include free movement for EU nationals, beyond the end of the withdrawal agreement, but it will mean that all EU nationals here before the end of that period will be able to stay. The manifesto commitment to an ‘Australian style points based immigration system’, an altogether tougher, more restrictive system.

Cleaning Matters magazine is canvassing readers to measure how confident and optimistic companies are about the key issues surrounding cleaning and their catering or hospitality business - whether it is labour availability and Brexit, sustainability or maintaining staff engagement on best practice. The results, along with expert analysis, will be published in a special report, ‘Catering, Hospitality & Cleaning Summary’.

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