Eastry Children's Play Area

In early 2018 the wooden children’s play area by the allotments was removed as it was unsafe and beyond economic repair and due to its location away from the main children’s play facility in the Gun Park, was considered underused.

Some residents have requested that the facility be reinstated. Eastry Parish Council have allocated £12,000 to do this. The Parish Council has also received a requests for an overhaul of all play facilities in the Parish.

Before making any plans, Eastry Parish Council want your views.
Please read all the questions first and then select one response to each questions

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* 1. Should the wooden play area be rebuilt in its previous location ?

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* 2. Would the funds allocated to this be better used in maintaining the larger childrens play area in Gun Park ?

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* 3. Should Eastry Parish Council scrap the present children's play area in the Gun Park and upgrade it to make it more modern with, for example, wooden ship-like structures, slides, zip wires etc and extensive rubber matting?

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* 4. It is hoped that funding can be obtained for any upgrade. However, if this is not possible, bearing in mind that a modern play facility is likely to cost between £90,000 & £100,000, would you accept an increase in the Council Tax of around £132* per year (for one year) to build a new facility in the Gun Park ?

Recently provided or ungraded local play areas Wingham Rec £98,000 (Excl. multi sport cage)   William Pitt Ave Deal £89,000 
£132* for a Band D property

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* 5. Would you accept an increase in the Council Tax of around £33* per year (for four years)  to save towards the cost of building a new facility in Gun Park ?

£33* for a Band D property