About this survey

Thrombosis UK has developed this questionnaire to understand more about:
1.     The diagnosis pathway for VTE
2.    The information and support you may have received during this.
3.     To understand what you liked and what you would have liked to have received

The purpose is to increase understanding of what is beneficial, and where there are gaps that need to be addressed to improve each persons’ experience, well-being and understanding of VTE.
This is the first in a series of survey's we aim to undertake. This survey specifically looks at the patient pathway from initial symptoms to being diagnosed. 

Important Information
No personal identifiable details will be collected in this survey.  If any personal details are shared with us in this survey, your personal information will be handled securely, anonymised prior to analysis and before any published summary of the findings.
No personal information will be saved, stored or shared.

By completing this anonymised questionnaire, you are giving your consent for the information you provide to be used by Thrombosis UK to raise awareness of the physical and psychological impact of a VTE episode on patients, and to identify standards of care that can improve a patient’s experience, well-being and outcomes.

Thrombosis UK would like to thank you for your time in completing this questionnaire.

VTE – venous thromboembolism
DVT – deep vein thrombosis
PE – pulmonary embolism

Question Title

* 1. Have you been diagnosed with with a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE)