There has been a recent rise in the range of healthcare workers charged with "manslaughter by gross negligence." Although prosecutions are still rare there is widespread concern that staff cannot learn from errors or near misses in a culture of blame or under threat of criminal charges. However, the GMC duty of candour tells healthcare workers to be open and honest when things go wrong. 

This anonymous 10 question survey will take no more than two minutes of your time to fill out and is being done to get a sense of your views. You may have heard about the recent erasure of the trainee paediatrician, Dr Bawa-Garba. She was convicted of gross negligence manslaughter after the death of a child in 2015. The High Court allowed the appeal by the General Medical Council against the MPTS decision to suspend her for a year. The GMC won so she was erased from the medical register on 25/1/18.

If you have done the survey before please re-do it. Please also share the link widely so that we gain as many responses as possible. The results will be shared on  We also hope to feed them into the Williams review which is currently examining manslaughter charges in healthcare. We would like to thank www.Doctors.Net for their assistance with hosting this survey and the vital role they have played in publicising this issue for many years.