* 1. Were you aware that the school has launched a new website?

* 2. How user friendly have you found the new website? 1=not at all, 5=extremely

* 3. Which aspects of the website have you found useful/informative/interesting?

  Very informative, useful or interesting Informative, useful or interesting Neither Not very informative, useful or interesting
New posts
Class information
Twitter feed
Key information (policies, curriculum etc)
School tour photos

* 4. Are you aware that the school has a twitter account?

* 5. Do you like the information posted on twitter?

* 6. The website is still very much evolving. Is there anything else that you would like to see added to further improve the website?

* 7. As a school we are always trying to be more economical and eco friendly. In the future, would you consider receiving school information via your email instead of having a paper copy?