LNNM Needs Assessment Survey

This survey aims to understand whether there is an ongoing need for the LNNM group, and what services / support it would ideally provide.

Many thanks for taking the time to complete this survey. Your input is very much appreciated, and will help us bid for money to meet the needs of the LNNM nurses in the future. The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Thanks to the Burdett Trust for Nursing for supporting the LNNM with this Needs Assessment.

* 1. Are you currently a member of the LNNM? 

* 2. Are you a:

* 3. What is your job title?

* 4. What is the name of your service?

* 5. Is this an NHS service? 

* 6. Does your job have a clinical element (i.e. you deliver direct health care in a professional health care role)?

* 7. Do you work in London?

* 8. If yes, which area do you consider yourself to work in? (If more than one of these areas, but not ‘pan London’ please click more than one box)

* 9. If you do not work in London, please state the geographical area you work in:

* 10. What type of service do you work in (you can click more than one box if needed):

* 11. Please indicate the main client group (s) you work with or for (select up to 3 categories):

* 12. Please indicate the main client group (s) you are interested hearing about (select up to 5 categories):

* 13. Do you think a network for nurses, midwives and health visitors working in inclusion health in London is needed?

* 14. Please can you give a reason or reasons for your answer to question 13. [This can be very brief if you want e.g. ‘networking’ ‘CPD’ ‘help re client cases’ etc]

* 15. Do you feel included in the current LNNM network?

* 16. Please give a reason or reasons for your answer to question 15? [i.e. you might answer ‘Yes, I feel encouraged to attend’ or ‘No, I don’t really understand what goes on’

* 17. What do you feel are the most valuable elements of the network currently? Please select up to a maximum of 3 boxes.

* 18. How are you most likely to find out about LNNM activities? Please select up to a maximum of 3 boxes.

* 19. Do you have suggestions about how we could improve on our communication? [i.e. more emails / more tweets etc]

* 20. Which of the following events have you attended?

* 21. The LNNM currently holds bi-monthly meetings 3-5pm in central London. Not everyone attends these meetings. We would like to know what would help you to attend. Please select all the boxes that are relevant to you, and let us know any other reasons at the end.

* 22. Do you have any other suggestions about how we could improve on our meetings if you have been to them?

* 23. Do you have any other suggestions about how we could improve on our conference if you have been to one?

* 24. Do you feel that you have specialist qualifications in Inclusion Health? 

* 25. If you answered yes to question 21, what is / are the qualifications? If no please write NA (i.e. not applicable).

* 26. What CPD do you feel you would like or need that is not currently available to you?

* 27. Can you indicate whether you are also engaged with the following other relevant networks?

* 28. Do you have any suggestions for activities that you feel the LNNM could or should be undertaking that would benefit you or your service directly, that are not currently provided?

* 29. Finally, can you outline any current concerns you have or perceived threats to your service that you think the LNNM should be focussed on. This information can be quite brief i.e. ‘threat of service cut’.

* 30. Please indicate whether you would like to be contacted directly by the LNNM Chair or Secretary about your answer to question 29.