Research Introduction & Background

Dear Practitioner,

Cardiff Metropolitan University requires your help by completing this short (Approximately 10 minutes) survey based on your applied perspectives of practitioner effectiveness characteristics in high performance sport. We are interested in exploring practitioner qualities that influence the effectiveness of practice in an applied context, in an attempt to gain an overview and understanding of professional competencies and personal qualities.

Research Title
“Days in the Dirt”: A Qualitative Exploration of Understanding Practitioner Effectiveness Characteristics in Sport Performance Analytics

Purpose of Research       
The motivation of this study is to gain an understanding of the characteristics that are associated with effective practice. Allowing, the discovery of technical and non-technical qualities associated with effective professional practice, and as such, will allow the examination of the temporal and contextual aspects (i.e. demands, barriers, and support mechanisms) that facilitate or hinder career maturation. As a result, potentially offering a practice based evidence that aids practitioners understanding the process and factors that influence effective consultancy. Also, developing practitioner’s awareness of tools, characteristics and behaviours to ensure a successful career within the field.
Research Overview
Robins (2016) comprehensively highlighted that the PA field has a paucity of literature surrounding employment – behaviour focused research and limited contextual intelligence information that practitioners can translate into practice. In answering, the call to provide applied theoretical support to the field of practitioners, PA needs to broaden its horizon and provide empirical imperial evidence based towards career assistance. In doing so, exploring aspects that develop evidence – based guidelines for optimum practice (Martindale, 2007) and evidence surrounding the process and factors that influence the effectiveness of consultancy (Wright et al., 2015) are paramount for the domain of applied performance analysis (Lames, 2014). As performance analysis is a profession that offers and requires an exciting journey of lifelong learning (Lyons, 2016). Thus, exploring and evaluating applied effective characteristics of practitioners can provide, an evidence base to guide optimum practice in being an effective practitioner. Additionally, exploring the “life – span” and career development pathway of a practitioners, which understands the temporal and contextual aspects (i.e. demands, coping resources, support mechanisms) that facilitates or hinders “career maturation”. 

Researcher & Contact Details
Jamie Coles
Jamie is currently a M.Sc. Performance Analysis postgraduate student. Compromising, an academic background at Cardiff Metropolitan University and California State University, Long Beach. His central research lays within the practice of Sport performance analytics. Encompassing; the use of sport performance analysis that assist recruitment and talent identification practice, Data Analytics in Sport; Development of professional practice. Jamie is currently a Data Analyst within elite sport, whilst previously holding Sport Performance Analytics positions in elite sport in both the UK and USA.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the research team if you have any questions or require further information:

Jamie Coles, Cardiff Metropolitan University,