1. 10 questions

You can answer this survey totally anonymously.   We need feedback on the Shingles Support Society helpline, either 0845 123 2305 or else 020 7607 9661, to show how our phone service can help people.  If you wish, you can give us your email address at the end so that we can respond.

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* 1. How many times have you called the helpline?

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* 2. Did you get through immediately - or did you have to call back?

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* 3. Think of just one of the calls and answer the next four questions. (You can fill in this survey again for a different call if you wish to.)
“The helpline volunteer was knowledgeable.”

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* 4. I feel I can do something about my shingles now

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* 5. How long have you had shingles or shingles pain?

Not diagnosed

Diagnosed less than 6 months

6 months to 2 years

More than 2 years.

Thank you.
If you would like to say more about our helpline, please email: info@shinglessupport.org.uk

If you have not ordered a copy of the shingles pack, you can order it here: https://herpes.org.uk/shop/shingles-and-post-herpetic-pack/

It contains:
  • Our introduction – which includes any ‘news’ on shingles and PHN including vaccines and any new treatments.
  • A leaflet called “What you need to know about shingles” explains what PHN is, and gives you an overview of the treatments available. 
  • Overview of what the GP can prescribe for you.
  • 5 page detailed "Guideline for GPs" written by an expert to give to your GP.
  • Suggestions from others for you to try.  We have not tested one against the other so cannot tell you which to try first.  Try something that appeals to you.
  • ‘Contacts’ gives you a list of patients like you, with PHN, who would like to hear from others.  Often talking or writing to someone else who knows what it feels like can be helpful.  Let me know if you would like to be added to the list (only done with your permission).
  • TENS machine: an explanation of how this could help deal with pain.