Joining the NYCGB team

NYCGB as an organisation continues to grow, consequentially it is essential for us to continue recruiting staff in order to accommodate this expansion. As such, we welcome applications from suitable persons aged 19+ who are interested in joining our team. Each year we carefully review applications before sending out invitations to individuals to staff a course. We look particularly for people who are already equipped with some leadership, teaching or choral training and safeguarding experience.

Working as an NYCGB Staff member is a challenging but hugely rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to develop new skills, gain some useful CV points and to support the ongoing work of the organisation, as well as experiencing all the fun and camaraderie that is part of any NYCGB course.

We pride ourselves on our ethos, and as such, perhaps the most important attributes are flexibility and a willingness to be a good team-player. Problems and issues that arise in a course environment often cannot be planned for in advance, on such occasions it is necessary for everyone to help in whatever way is required of them.

The roles
We are looking for:
• Course Assistants
• Section Leaders
• Senior Pastoral Carers
• Senior Pastoral Carer/Head of House
• Course Managers
• Heads of Pastoral Care

Role descriptions:

The positions of Course Managers and Heads of Pastoral Care are roles that dedicated and interested individuals will be trained up to perform on future courses. Initially they will be placed as assistants under the mentorship of the current Course Managers and Heads of Pastoral Care in order to be educated in the requirements of the role.

All staff members receive food, board and travel expenses and each post attracts a stipend which is relative to the staff role undertaken.

Young Leaders Programme
Successful applicants in the bracket of Young Leaders are offered the opportunity to work alongside peers in a mentorship programme. This programme aims to teach and develop essential skills in the individual's selected field, whether that be in the musical or pastoral sphere.

NYCGB aims to offer an excellent level of support and training to every staff member. All staff receive training prior to the start of a course and the senior staff members are there to act as mentors over the duration of each course. All staff are expected to have undertaken child protection training prior to starting work with NYCGB.

Application process
If you wish to apply for a post, please complete and submit this application form and if you have any questions or require more detailed information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Mark Anyan
General Manager

Diversity and Equality
NYCGB strives to be an Equal Opportunities employer. This policy ensures that no job applicant, employee or participant receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of racial origin, physical disability, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, and political or religious belief. Individuals will be selected, promoted and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities. All employees are required to comply with and actively promote this policy.

The NYCGB is committed to the safeguarding and protection of the children and young people that we work with. As an organisation we implement a range of policies and pro