Inverness Canoe Club  Planning 2018-19

This survey has been set up to explore the needs of the club membership to meet the coaching, leading and trip needs of the club. If you require information on the pre-requisites for courses please follow the links as you go through the survey.

* 1. Name

* 2. River Kayaking what grade of river paddling are you looking to be available in 2018-19River Grades info

* 3. Please indicate if you would like to participate in the following Star Awards in 2018-19Click here for more Information about star awards

* 4. What grade of River Canoe trips would you like to see on offer in 2018-19
River grades info

* 5. What general interest courses would you like to  take part in 2018-19 ? Click here for more info on courses

* 6. Tell us about any skills you would like coaching  to develop and discipline e.g. Traditional  canoe skills , lining and tracking
River Skills - reading and running white water
Practical sea tidal planning & navigation

* 7. Please indicate if you are intending  to take part in any leadership qualifications in 2018-19 ? Click here for more information about leading

* 8. Please Indicate the Coaching Qualifications you have the prerequisites for and would like to take part in 2018-19 Click here for more information on the coaching pathway

* 9. Would you be interested in taking part paddle boarding coached and lead sessions?

* 10. How can you contribute to Inverness Canoe Club? 
Your participation and support of the canoe club is critical to its success