Welcome to The Travel Industry Awards 2020 by TTG agent rating!

All travel agents who are based in the UK and Ireland are invited to rate any company who they've worked with over the past 12 months. Simply consider each of the suppliers and choose a rating out of 5 based on the level of customer service they have offered to you and your clients, in addition to how they have improved their product range over this period.

To ensure clear distinction, please make use of all the numbers 1 to 5! You might only give 4 or 5 out of 5 to a handful of contenders, for example. And do give those you perceive to be more average a lower score, so we can distinguish those that are truly of award-winning calibre.

If you come across a supplier you do not know, or have not worked with recently (in the last 12 months), then simply skip over it so it does not affect their average rating.

The ratings that you give will be treated anonymously. We also ask that you keep all aspects of this rating stage entirely confidential. Please note that your agency should only rate each supplier in this category once. Any duplicated ratings will be deleted.

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