Boooking Routine Appointments

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100% of survey complete.

We would like your feedback to help us run the best service we can do for you. We hope your feedback will enable us to identify aspects of the service were improvements can be made.

The survey consists of 8 questions . There are  3 non-mandatory questions about yourself. Please note that this questionnaire is anonymous so we will never be able to identify you. For this same reason we will never be able to respond to your individual questionnaire.

The surgery welcomes your feedback and for this reason we ask that you be as honest as you can.


* 1. How did you book your most recent appointment at the surgery?

* 2. How far in advance would you prefer to book a routine appointment? (Please answer all that are appropriate to you)

* 3. What would be your preferred time for a routine appointment with a doctor? (Please answer all that apply)

* 4. When booking a routine appointment do you prefer to see?

* 5. When seeing a doctor and they ask you to book a follow up appointment would you prefer?

* 6. Male or Female

* 7. Age Group

* 8. Ethnicity