We’re expecting PrEP to be available on the NHS at some point this year.

Over 11,000 people already get their PrEP from Dean Street. We’re expecting that number to rise once the NHS starts funding it. The team are looking at ways we might be able to increase our capacity.

Switching to an appointment system could reduce waiting times. However some people find walk in services more convenient.

It’s recommended that people on PrEP get tested every 3 months. We’d free space if some of those visits were switched to online home test kits.

We want to know what people taking PrEP think before we make any changes.

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* 1. Where do you get your PrEP at the moment?

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* 2. Where did you get your last PrEP follow up?

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* 3. How long did you wait at your last PrEP follow up visit?

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* 4. Which one of these PrEP clinic options would you prefer?

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* 5. People on PrEP need an HIV test and STI screen every 3 months. You also need a kidney blood test at least once a year.

Which one of these options would you prefer?

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