Dear residents of Westfield Parish. The Parish Council is looking to put together a 4 year plan to help focus on the priorities within the Parish and act as guidance for our annual budgeting. Westfield is divided into three wards which cover, Westfield Village, Westfield Lane and Kent Street.

The Parish Council is looking for your feedback on areas we already manage such as the playgrounds, bus shelters etc. but also if there are any other areas or projects you think should be a priority. The funding for the Parish Council comes via the precept which the Parish Council sets each year and then is raised through the council tax collected via Rother District Council. Therefore, your input is vital to ensuring we as a Council are focusing on what the Parish would like to achieve within the powers and funds we have.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help influence where you live.

Chairman, Westfield Parish Council
Hamish Monro