DSET Military Advisory Panel 2022

DSET was launched in 2016 with a very clear set of objectives: to provide a high-quality conference and event that delivered a real forum for debate, learning and action. To provide a relevant open community forum for honest and productive discussions amongst the military and industry in training, education and simulation.
DSET gives the opportunity to military from across the world, to drive the content of the conference, ensure that we are delivering the best content/speakers/forums for MS&T and collaborate with Industry in an open environment.
Now in our 7th year, DSET 2022 will build on the success delivered at the previous 6 events by delivering a programme provided by serving military, government and academia.
DSET will remain a Hybrid event. It will be 7-10 March 2022. 7-9 will be Hybrid - In person and Virtual. The 10th March will be virtual only.

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* 1. Are you currently serving in the military or in a supporting government role?

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