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Welcome to PA Consulting’s 2019 Digital Supply Chain and Operations survey, in partnership with the Advanced Centre for Manufacturing and the Nottingham University Business School.

Organisations’ supply chains have been undergoing digital transformation for a few years. Today they are exploiting a plethora of new technologies to realise the next level of performance improvement, making their supply chains and operations more agile and responsive to customer needs.

Leading organisations are already exploiting data and technology in new ways to optimise their supply chains. Predicting machine failures or changes in demand, for instance, can help companies compete more effectively and profitably. From our experience, organisations are achieving real value with digital, but often find it difficult to initiate their journey, choose the right technology and deliver the full value end to end.

Through conducting this survey we aim to validate some key hypotheses around current perceptions, adoption rates, specific capability areas and barriers that can sometimes slow the pace of value capture for organisations. If you have already adopted elements of digital supply chain, this survey will assess the current state of your initiatives. If you have yet to embark on this journey, this survey will prompt you to think about how digital supply chain technologies could propel your organisation forward amidst increasing competition.

Your experience is critical to help build an industry perspective and generate deep insights that could shape future developments across different sectors and regions. You will receive the detailed report as preview of results and insights generated from this initiative.

This survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete. All responses and data will be anonymised and aggregated before trending and statistical analysis and handled in compliance with the new GDPR guidance to ensure data privacy and security. Thank you for taking the time to provide your input.

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