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Please complete the full details for each person (including parents) that will be attending the day, including indicating their choice for the 4 workshop sessions. Please refer to the event information for the workshops available in each slot and more details about each workshop. 

The booking from allows you to add details for up to 2 people and a set of contact details. If you need to add more than 2 people, please use the booking link complete another form for additional paddlers.  (sorry its a bit clunky but I'm using the free option that only allows 10 questions!)

Complete the details for each person attending and then click through to the following pages to choose workshops for each person

Parents / coaches attending - please complete the details of the session you will be attending (even if they are the same as your young people) so we know numbers.  Important Note the 'Understanding Fears' Sessions are for different age groups with a separate session for parents and adult paddlers.

On the final page add contact details please.

Please book by Tuesday 26th November


Les Ford

Yorkshire Slalom will use the information provided to run the Dry Training Day and will not share you information with third parties without your consent. By completing this survey you consent to Yorkshire Slalom collecting this data and using it for this purpose.