Please complete this survey if you are a kinship carer in the UK. A kinship carer is a family member or friend who is raising a child under the age of 18 because their parents are not able to safely care for them.

The results of the survey will influence Family Rights Group’s policy and campaign work and will enable Family Rights Group to provide evidence to the new Parliamentary Taskforce on Kinship Care. We are particularly interested in understanding whether you were helped or hindered by the local authority in taking on the children, what advice you received, what the financial impact of becoming a kinship care has been on your family, and what support, if any, you have received. We are also keen to hear your thoughts of how the system can be improved.

The survey will take you about 15 minutes to fill in and the results will be invaluable in our efforts to raise awareness of kinship care, and achieve better support for kinship carers and the children they are raising. 

A report summarising the results of the survey will be posted on Family Rights Group’s website and will be emailed to yourself, if you provide contact details at the end of the survey. Those carrying out the analysis comply with Family Rights Group's Confidentiality Policy and Privacy Policy.

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