eCow is a technology development company inventing new engineering systems for improving dairy cow monitoring.  Their next product will have a big impact on cow fertility.  This survey is to identify the market potential by asking leading dairy producers about their needs in fertility management.

All the data provided will be treated in confidence and results aggragated.

* 1. What is the size of your milking herd?

* 2. What is the first half of your postcode (purely for demographic feedback)?

* 3. Are you an independent farmer or part of a group?

* 4. Do you currently use behaviour collars or pedometers for heat detection?

* 5. Does the equipment you use detect all heat accurately in your opinion?

* 6. Do you believe your equipment is cost effective?

* 7. Do you use a herd management system? If yes, which one?

* 8. What type of milking system do you use?

* 9. Do you use RFID/EID ear tags or collars for autoID in the parlour?

* 10. Please rank the following criteria in order of importance to you (where 1 = Most important):

* 11. What indicator of fertility do you use?

* 12. What was your 2015 index?

* 13. Have you used Ridgeway P4 Rapid to measure progesterone in milk?

* 14. Have you heard of Herd Navigator?

* 15. Do you use any fertility management services (i.e. Genus, etc.)?

* 16. Would you consider using another product?

* 17. Approximately how much does your current technology cost per month or per annum?

* 18. Are you satisfied that you receive value for money?

* 19. Are you eligible for grant aid to install new technology?