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* 3. Policy L.H1: Suitability of Development Sites.

Developments within and adjacent to the Ripley, Ockham, and Wisley conservation areas and in proximity to listed buildings should be sensitive to their surroundings and environment as well as to the general character of the wider area.

New development will be supported on sustainable sites which respect the Green Belt, the historic environment, do not exacerbate ‘ribbon development’ between the London suburbs and Guildford, do not result in the loss of a local ‘green space’ , important view or community facility, do not lead to loss of employment and are reasonably close to public transport, shops and so on.

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* 4. Policy L.H2: Housing Mix. 

We accept the need to provide at least our fair share of the housing numbers required by GBC, with the probability of that figure being exceeded. The Plan seeks however to ensure that all developments provide a mix of housing size required for all locals including young people, key workers, families, downsizers, the disabled and those on a low or medium income, for whom much of the current ‘affordable’ housing is beyond their financial reach.

Developments should provide a good proportion of genuinely affordable housing for people with local connections and include starter homes and homes in shared ownership.

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* 5. Policy L.H3: Housing Design and Density

Developments which are well designed, enhance the special qualities of each area and are sympathetic to local character and history, will be supported if they are in accordance with a list of detailed design criteria, set out in full in the LP.

These cover roof heights, building materials, housing density, parking and so on. The aim is to avoid a change of character and prevent the cramming of too many properties into too small a space. We support a maximum density of 40 homes per hectare within the settlement boundaries and 30 per hectare outside these areas.

Modern, energy-saving design and materials are of course acceptable but must be utilised in a way which respects or complements their surroundings.

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* 6. Policy L.EN1: Local Green Spaces and Local Views.

The Green Spaces policy reinforces the protection afforded to a few selected green areas within or close to each village. The list is in your paper questionnaire and in the Draft Plan document.

The Views policy applies similar protection for 24 different views from and close to the villages.  The full list, with images, is in the Draft Plan

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* 7. Policy L.EN2: Biodiversity and Natural Habitats.

All developments must show that they will encourage wildlife, biodiversity and landscape.

Developments on or adjoining SPAs, SSSIs or SNCIs will not be allowed.

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* 8. Policy L.EN3: Flooding.

All developments must ensure that water management a flood risk has addressed prior to development, that mitigation measures are implemented and that the development meets The GBC Surface Water management Plan and includes Sustainable Drainage Systems with lifetime maintenance.

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* 9. Policy L.EN4: Light Pollution.

Artificial lighting on developments must take account of the ecological impact, must limit the amount of light visible over the countryside and conform to the Dark Skies principles.

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* 10. Policy L.EN5:  Air Quality and Traffic Related Pollution.

 It is proposed that Ripley be designated an Air Quality Management Area by Guildford Borough Council.

 Any major development must demonstrate that air quality will not be adversely affected either by construction traffic or any resulting traffic increase.

 All major developments need to provide relevant assessment and mitigation including, where appropriate, a Construction and Environmental Plan and a Green Travel Plan to provide sustainable transport to local centres.

  There are also further restrictions on the movement of construction vehicles for any major development which does get approval, including the requirement for a Transport Assessment, with particular focus on Ripley High Street which encourages traffic onto the Strategic Road Network.

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* 11. Policy L.I1: Infrastructure.

All developments requiring new infrastructure prior to occupation should ensure that the necessary infrastructure is delivered when it is first needed, that all local roads within developments have pavements for safe walking.

All developments larger than 1,000 homes should provide social infrastructure facilities to make the development sustainable.

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* 12. Policy L.I.2:  Public Transport and Green Travel.

Developments will be supported which reduce the need for car use and offer sustainable public transport choices that increase, or otherwise support, the delivery of public transport services in perpetuity.

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* 13. Policy L.I3:  Cycle Lanes and Public Footpaths.

Developments which support and encourage cycling and walking as safe and sustainable means of travel to nearby facilities will be supported.  

 The creation of separate cycle lanes and provision of places where walking and cycling have priority over motorised traffic, for safety reasons, will be supported.

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* 14. Policy L.I4:  Parking.

All developments, both residential and commercial, are required to provide adequate parking within the premises.  The minimum requirements are defined in detail in the policy. Any development that relies in any way on on-street parking will not be supported.

Current off-street parking facilities should be maintained. Proposals to improve off-street parking capacity, particularly in Ripley village, will be supported.

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* 15. Policy L.I.5:  Provision of Community Facilities.

Proposals to increase the provision of community facilities, particularly those which provide for the young, less abled, and older members of the community and including shops, community halls, open spaces, sports facilities and social infrastructure that encourage healthy lifestyles and community cohesion, will be supported.

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* 16. Policy L.I6:  Healthcare and Education.

Developments that provide open spaces, sports facilities and social infrastructure that supports healthy lifestyles and community cohesion will be supported.

Major developments must address the additional healthcare and educational demand that the development will generate.

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* 17. Policy L.BE1:  Change of Use from Commercial to

This policy is intended to prevent the loss of commercial facilities and jobs through change of use, generally from commercial to residential unless strict tests can be met to demonstrate that the business has no commercial future. It applies to shops, pubs and restaurants, offices and light industrial units.

 The policy proposes that consent be refused to developments requiring significant HGV traffic through the villages.

 Proposals which provide sustainable growth and expansion of employment floor space to create or expand employment opportunities will be supported subject to a number of detailed conditions covering: provision of adequate parking, appropriate scale and appearance, no disturbance to neighbours.

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* 18. Policy L.BE2:  Agricultural and Horticultural Land Use.

As the LNP area is rural, it is important to protect farming and agriculture-related activities to ensure the rural character of the countryside is preserved and managed in a sustainable and sympathetic manner.

This policy supports proposals for agricultural, horticultural and equestrian uses, plus small offices and workshops which do not detract from the landscape, do not require vehicles over 7.5 tons on narrow country roads and do not create nuisance out of character with the peaceful nature of the countryside.

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