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Welcome to the FIA Design Sample Questions

Once you are enrolled on the pathway to qualification, you will be required to sit multiple choice exams at the end of each course.
The following questions are similar to what you can expect to see.
Try to answer them all correctly and take note of the answers at the end.

Good luck!

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* 1. An 8 storey un-sprinklered building has an additional 3 levels of lower basement. The height of the building from the entrance on the ground floor is 27 m. There is an additional entrance next to the loading bay with dry riser inputs on the second level of lower basement, due to the building being on a slope.
Where should the CIE be positioned and what grade of cable should the system be wired in?

i) Standard grade cable
ii) Enhanced grade cable
iii) At the ground floor entrance
iv) The lower basement entrance
v) An illuminated mimic at the other entrance

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* 2. A fire risk assesment for a sports centre has stated that additional optical/heat multi-sensors should be fitted adjacent to the poolside plant rooms.
What should the designer consider when designing the additions to these areas?

i) The detectors should be programmed to respond to fixed heat only
ii) Interfaces to be installed to reduce the voltage to less than 20 VDC
iii) The detectors should be mounted at a height greater than 2.5 m
iv) The equipment should be category 1 so suitable for ATEX zone 0
v) A special tool will be required to remove the devices from their bases

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* 3. A storage building on a business park is to incorporate a category P1 system. During consultation, the Fire and Rescue Service has stated that an external visual alarm device woud be beneficial for them locating the building in the event of an activation.
Which of the following should be considered in this situation?

i) The external device should be clearly marked with "Fire Alarm"
ii) The external device should silence automatically after thirty minutes
iii) The internal sounders should silence automatically after thirty minutes
iv) The external device can be used as one of the two required alarm circuits

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* 4. An office building is to have a category L3 system designed and installed. The fire doors between the 2 m wide escape corridors and stairways are to be electrically held open and released in a fire condition. The doors leading off of the corridors are not rated FD30S.
What is the maximum distance from the held open stairway door to the nearest detector along the corridor?

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* 5. Which of the following are recommended in BS 5839-1 for systems installed in residential care premises?

i) Where a staff alarm is used, the signal to the ARC can be delayed for the duration of the investigation time
ii) The system should be non-addressable where there is the facility for more than 10 people to sleep
iii) Filtering should not be applied to ARC signals from the fire detection and alarm system
iv) There may be a delay in the general alarm signal, provided all staff are made aware of the fire alarm signal
v) Audibility should be 75 dB at the bedhead if the alarm is intended to rouse occupants from sleep

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* 6. A warehouse with an apex roof 15 m from FFL is to have optical beam detection installed, however the Installer has contacted the Designer describing the physical features of the roof, which make siting the beam within 600 mm vertically from the apex impossible. The closest the Installer can mount the beam is 1.3 m.
What should the Designer advise the Installer?

i) Mount the beam within the top 600 mm of the apex
ii) Advise the client that smoke control fans are installed to blow down the smoke plume
iii) Mount the beam within 1.5 m of the apex
iv) Use an enhanced attenuation beam
v) Use a standard attenuation beam

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