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Rip It Up Ep9: How We "see" With Our Brain

We explore how people each see something differently with our brains and some not having the capacity to "see" or process words as an image at all.

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* 1. How do you "see" with your brain? (e.g, someone says the word strawberry, what do you visualise? Just a strawberry, nothing at all as its a word or maybe something incredibly dramatic and vivid. Feel free to expand on this example and/or offer your own thoughts on the question posed in the comment box below).

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* 2. If you do see with your brain and quite vividly so, what is the most vivid thing you have seen and is it like this all the time? Does your mind bombard you even if someone talks about something like a piece of paper? (Feel free to give an examples in the comment box below, we'd love to read your inner thinkings)

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