Wereham Village Hall Course Offer Survey

The Wereham Village Hall Community centre has partnered with Norfolk Community Learning Services to provide learning opportunities.

We want to be all-inclusive, give you the opportunity to learn new things, socialise, learn new skill, gain a qualification, network and make friends in our welcoming new environment.


In partnership we are offering 3 new courses. We would kindly ask you to select one of the courses listed which would be your choice from the option list below.

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* 1. A)  Food shopping on a budget

Learn useful hints for making the most of your food shopping budget: 
comp­are prices and special offers; share tips with other members of the group; is that ‘buy one get one free’ offer genuine? Best of all plan some tasty meals.

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* 2. B)  Healthy habits for your head (the 5 ways to Wellbeing)

We can’t control the challenges that life throws at us, but we do have choices in how we deal with these situations. In this course we will explore some simple, practical ways we can improve, or maintain our mental health.

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* 3. C)  Crops in pots

Fruit and vegetables can be grown in the smallest of spaces: window boxes, pots, old containers etc. Plant your own and see them flourish. Make a difference to your environment by creating an incredible edible growing machine.

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* 4. Can we ask you to complete contact details so we can advise you of the
timings of the date when the 1st courses will be running at the centre.

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