AVA (Against Violence and Abuse) and Agenda (Alliance for Women and Girls at Risk) have been funded to map services across England and Wales that are specifically for women experiencing multiple disadvantage. Multiple disadvantage is defined as being affected by a combination of problematic substance use, mental ill-health, homelessness and/or involvement with the criminal justice system.

The map will be made available online in March 2017 and will provide practitioners with a facility to search for services in both countries as well as offering a national picture of service provision that will be useful for policy makers, funders and campaigners.

If you deliver any services for women specifically affected by:

·      substance use
·      mental ill-health
·      homelessness
·      offending

We would like to include information about the support you provide on the Mapping the Maze map.

Please start submitting information about your service(s) by clicking on the next button below

The deadline for submitting information is March 10th 2017.

If you have any queries about Mapping the Maze and the map we are developing, please contact Jennifer Holly by email at Jennifer.holly@avaproject.org.uk or on 0207 5490 275.