Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: Does this affect your surgical practice?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We have developed this quick survey from Winchester Breast Unit with the aim of finding out what different units do around the country, and why. We would be very grateful if you would help us by completing the 10 questions below. I am happy to receive any additional comments to
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Belinda Pearce (ST7 Breast Trainee, Wessex Deanery)
Miss Siobhan Laws and Mr Dick Rainsbury (Consultant Oncoplastic Surgeons), Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester.

* 1. What are your main reasons for recommending NACT in a patient?

* 2. How often do you place a marker clip early on in a patient's NACT treatment?

* 3. If NACT has reduced the tumour size both clinically and on imaging, would you:

* 4. If NACT has produced a complete pathological response on imaging and clinical assessment, would you:

* 5. If you excise original footprint, which one of the following statements best describes your rationale?

* 6. Which one of the following statements best describes your understanding of tumour reaction to NACT?

* 7. If you perform end of NACT imaging, which of the following investigations do you perform?

* 8. To help plan subsequent surgery, after NACT do you perform:

* 9. If you do not perform preoperative margin assessment after apparent tumour shrinkage from NACT, what is your reasoning?

* 10. Do you think margin re-excision is more frequent in patients who have had BCS post NACT than those who have not had any NACT?

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