Pupil Questionnaire

Whitehouse Primary would like to become a Rights Respecting School.  We believe that it is important that children know, understand and are able to exercise their rights.  We value your opinion and would like your help.  Please can you complete the survey?

Question Title

* 2. Tick the box to show how far you agree

  Yes Sometimes No Not sure
1.  I learn about my rights at school
2.  I enjoy being at school
3.  I feel safe at school
4.  I like the way adults in the school treat me
5.  Other pupils in my class are kind and helpful
6.  If I felt unsafe, I could tell an adult at school
7.  My teachers listen to me
8.  My school listens to my ideas for how to do things better
9.  I know what I need to do to make progress in class
10.  In general, I like the way I am
11.  I can do things to help others in my local community
12.  I can do things to help others around the world

Question Title

* 3. 13.  Have you talked to about children's rights with any of the following people in the last 3 months?

  Yes No Not sure
... Your parents or carers
...  Your wider family or the people you live with
...  Other adults outside the school
...  Other children outside the school