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This survey is about your experiences of Do Not Attempt Resuscitation decisions (called DNARs). 
This is when you have been told doctors will not restart your heart if you become very unwell.
The questions on the next pages will be about you and your experiences of DNAR decisions. 
Some of these may be upsetting. Make sure you take care and only answer the questions you want to.
We will use the answers to help us write a report about people's human rights and DNAR decisions.
We will give this report to you if you put your email below (but you do not have too).
We will also give this report to the Care Quality Commission.
We will also publish the report on our website so everyone can read it.
This survey is for people and their families and supporters.
Thank you.
If you would like us to send you our human rights and DNAR report please tell us:

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