Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Council Election 2021 - Voting Paper

On 5th July we asked for applications to fill 11 vacancies on the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Council.

We received a total of 22 applications for these positions. We are therefore inviting all eligible members (members of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce section) to participate in an election to determine which of the candidates below are elected into the vacant Council positions.

In line with the number of vacant positions, Birmingham Chamber members will have one vote per organisation to be able to vote for up to 11 candidates. It is important to note that we will only accept one vote per organisation. If we receive multiple votes from the same membership number, the first set of votes submitted will count.

All votes will be treated confidentially, however for validation purposes we require you to provide your company name and your membership number.

For a list of candidates and their supporting statements, please click here.

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* 1. Please cast your vote for eleven candidates only:

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