Survey to find out about interest for a bus between Dollar/Muckhart and Kinross in 2017/18

You'll probably have had the letter from the council about them amalgamating 2 buses, meaning there are unlikely to be spaces for out of catchment kids on the bus to Blairingone next year.
There have been a lot of promises of better buses for Dollar and Muckhart from all the parties in the council elections. I'm going to try and work with the community council, local councillors etc and see if we can get a service bus put on at the right times to get the kids to and from KHS. To make the case, I need to know how many kids would be using it. It would be great if you can fill this survey in. If you give your email address I'll keep you up to date with how I'm getting on. Thanks Laura Alexander (07749044089,

* 1. Parent contact name

* 2. Please give an email address and phone number, so we can share information as we go

* 3. How many kids would you have to go on a morning bus?

* 4. How many kids would you have to go on an afternoon bus?

* 5. Where would they want to get the bus from/to?

* 6. If we could only get a bus in the afternoon, and not the morning, would you still use it?

* 7. If we can't get a service bus organised, would you be interested in a private hire. To do this every parent wanting their child to use the bus would have to commit and pay a share of the cost up front each term.

* 8. Any other comments?