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Dumfries Model Car Club (DMCC) are in the process of a Community Asset Transfer Request of land to the left and rear of the Unity Skate Park, Dumfries.

DMCC race small electric off-road radio-controlled buggies and plan to create two racing tracks, one grass and the other AstroTurf with a pitting area and additional parking for visitors. Over time we plan to add a Changing Places facility, working with the Unity Skate Park benefiting all using the area.

The facility would be managed and maintained by the DMCC and would be accessible out-with planned club activities and free to use through a booking system.

ALL WELCOME! Radio control car racing is a low cost, fun and inclusive sport for all ages. DMCC welcomes anyone with an interest, and we race as equals. The importance of the sport to our young members is highly valued, providing experience in design and technology, and recognised by the Duke of Edinburgh scheme for over 15 years.

DMCC plan to have special open days and organised activities for young people to use the facility and introduce radio control car racing to a wider audience.

The British Radio Car Association (BRCA) has 15000 members competing throughout the UK. Scotland desperately needs a development like this to help fulfil the growing demand for radio control car racing in this country. The sport has been a recognised part of the Motorsport Association since 1995 and the number taking part has trebled since then, growing year on year.

For further details, or if you are interested in becoming involved please email dumfriesmodelcarclub@gmail.com
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