Your child’s flu immunisation – How did we do?

Dear Parent / Guardian

Last autumn the School Nursing Service offered children in reception and school years 1 - 4 the opportunity to be immunised against flu by providing a nasal flu vaccine.

It is important to us that we provide a safe, effective and quality service to you and your child/children. We would like to know what you thought of the service we provided, so please can you take a few minutes to answer the questions below?  

Your answers will be completely anonymous and combined into a report for NHS England, which will help improve this service for the future.  

Thanks for your time.   


* 1. Name of your child's school

* 2. Which school year is your child in? (please select one option)

* 3. Did you receive enough information to make an informed decision about whether your child should be immunised against flu?

* 4. Did you use the designated helpline 0151 295 3833 to make an enquiry about the flu immunisation?

* 5. Did you contact your School Nurse team for further information or advice on the flu immunisation?

* 6. Did your child have the flu vaccination?

* 7. If your child did have the vaccination, were you happy with the information that you received after the immunisation session?

* 8. If your child was off school on the day of the flu immunisation session, were you made aware of the alternative community clinics that were available?

* 9. Do you have any suggestions for how the flu immunisation service could be improved for you / your child?

* 10. Finally, what did your child think of the experience of having the nasal flu spray at school?