Parent/ Carer Survey - Page 1

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. What school does your son/ daughter attend?

* 4. My child likes being at this school

* 5. Staff treat my child fairly and with respect.

* 6. I feel that my child is safe at the school

* 7. The school helps my child to feel confident

* 8. I feel staff really know my child as an individual

* 9. My child finds their learning activities hard enough

* 10. My child receives the help they need to do well

* 11. My child is encouraged to be healthy and take regular exercise

* 12. The school supports my child’s emotional wellbeing

* 13. My child is making good progress at school

* 14. My child was well supported when they made choices for their future

* 15. I received helpful information about how my child is doing e.g. informal feedback, reports

* 16. The information I receive about how my child is doing reaches me at the right time