The British Association of Social Workers is concerned that a growing/ significant number of members who have been working through umbrella service companies have been informed by HMRC that they are subject to the possible use of Tax Avoidance Schemes investigations. 

BASW is currently drafting further information and guidance to support members and urge those affected to either complete this short (6 - 7 question) consultation or get in touch directly at 0121 622 8407 or  

Should you be working through an umbrella service company and not yet contacted by HMRC, BASW strongly advises you to take necessary steps to ensure tax is being paid on your behalf. More information on how to do this will be published on the BASW website. 

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* 1. Are you currently working through an umbrella service company? 

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* 2. Should you feel comfortable doing so, please tell us the name of the umbrella service company you work through: (optional)

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* 3. Have you been notified by HMRC that you are being investigated for a possible use of a Tax Avoidance Scheme?