How Can We Make This a Success?

We plan to run a pilot scheme for a regular Sunday market in Myatt's Fields Park. This will run Sundays 10am-2pm from May until August. 

The plan is to start with 18 stalls containing a mix of hot food, produce and some non-food and craft items. 

The hot food stalls will be carefully planned so as to complement and not compete with the offering from the Little Cat Cafe. 

3 stalls will be made available for free for six-week periods to those living in Lambeth who are unwaged/on low income and want to try a new business idea with minimal overheads. The plan is to source some business support for these stallholders during their six week tenures. 

The idea is to make this market accessible and reflective of the mixed community of Myatt's Fields, with more affordable food available alongside more niche and expensive products. 

A full waste management plan has been drawn up for the market to ensure that the site is left as it is found each week. 

There is also a vehicle management plan in place and all visitors to the market will be encouraged not to bring cars to the area. Trader vehicles will not as a general rule be entering the park to load/unload. 

Traders will be loading in from 9am and unloading from 2pm and noise will be kept to a minimum during these times. 

We want to ensure that this market works for you! So please answer the questions below to help us set our criteria for making this pilot a success. 

If you have a stall you'd like to bring to the market, or are part of a community project you think could be involved, please email: 

Question Title

* 1. What do you think would make this market a success? 

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* 2. Is there a way in which your answer to Q1 could be measured? 

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* 3. Are there specific items you would like access to/would like to see at the market?