Introduction to Dental Health Journal eCPD

The Programme is formulated in accordance with the guidance of the UK General Dental Council’s regulations on eCPD. All registered UK dental hygienists and dental therapists must undertake eCPD and provide evidence of the equivalent of at least 10 hours every two years.

This paper offers you the opportunity to gain 1 hour eCPD.

Aims and outcomes
The overall aim of the Programme is to provide an opportunity for dental hygienists and dental therapists to learn about a broad range of topics meeting the GDC’s eCPD and to reflect upon your learning.
To achieve this aim, four standard questions which demonstrate current and future learning, reflection, and application to practice have been set for this paper. All four questions have a minimum word count which must be adhered to in order to receive a CPD certificate, and will be reviewed by an internal review panel.

We STRONGLY advise you to type out your responses to each question in a separate document, e.g. MS Word or similar, so that you can save and retain them for your own eCPD records.  This also enables you to COPY & PASTE your responses from the saved document into the relevant answer box/field in SurveyMonkey.  
NOTE:  The answer fields only accept one paragraph of text/question - DO NOT use carriage returns / multiple paragraphs.  


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