The Dyspraxia Foundation School Survey 2017

We are carrying out a survey to explore teachers’ and teaching assistants’ understanding of dyspraxia/developmental coordination disorder (DCD) and how this affects children’s learning opportunities at school. You can complete this survey if you are a teacher or teaching assistant at a school in the UK. We will share findings from this survey and will also be launching new resources to support primary-aged children with dyspraxia/DCD during Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2017. Thank you for completing this survey!

* 1. Which one of these broadly describes the school / college that you teach in? If your school is independent please also tick the independent box (Note: you may pick more than one option)

* 2. Where is your school located?

* 3. What is your main position within the school / college?

* 4. What is your subject specialism? Early years, reception and primary school teachers can either select the subject that they have most knowledge of or choose the 'No subject specialism' option below.

* 5. What Key Stage/s do you teach? Please tick all that apply

* 6. Please indicate the following conditions you have heard of, could recognise the symptoms of and have received training about. Please select as many as apply.

* 7. Please write a brief definition of the following terms (free text box)

·         Dyspraxia

·         Developmental coordination disorder

·         ADHD

·         Autism

·         Dyslexia

* 8. Which of the following do you consider to be core features of dyspraxia? (tick all those that you think apply)

* 9. Is there a clear process for identifying pupils with dyspraxia/DCD in your school?

* 10. Is there a clear pathway for diagnosis of dyspraxia/DCD in your area?

* 11. What % of children have a diagnosis of dyspraxia/DCD in your school?

* 12. Have you at any point during your career received or been offered specific training to help you recognise, understand and support children with dyspraxia/DCD?

* 13. How would you rate awareness of dyspraxia/DCD in your school?

* 14. Do you think poor awareness and understanding of dyspraxia/DCD is affecting children’s educational opportunities?

* 15. Anything else you would like to tell us about support for children with dyspraxia/DCD in your school or area

* 16. Please provide us with your email address so that we can forward a summary of the survey findings and new resources for Dyspraxia Awareness Week 2017