To all UK cosplayers and convention goers - we'd love your time in answering a few questions about conventions in order to help steer our development of features over the next year. 

Please share so we can get a decent sample size!  All answers will be anonymous, and data used by the Cosplay Island team for analysis only.

* 1. How easy do you find it to learn about new events and conventions?

* 2. What are the most common ways you hear about conventions?

* 3. If you are looking for a new convention to attend, how do you normally approach this?

* 4. Generally, what factors are more important to you when considering attending a convention?

* 5. If you cosplay, which of these factors are most important to you when considering attending an event

* 6. If we classified a convention as a 'residential convention', would you understand what that means?

* 7. Is it important for you to know the team or company that run the event?

* 8. Would you find attendee reviews of past conventions useful when choosing to attend?

* 9. Does it matter to you whether the convention is run for profit, or a not for profit organisation?