* 1. Would you prefer your ward to be represented by a single councillor or multiple (2 or 3) councillors  [For further information on the advantages and disadvantages, and electoral geography or circumstances affecting this choice, see www.bearflat.org.uk]

* 2. Rank the following options for ward boundaries in order of preference, 1 being your most preferred option. [For further information on the differing merits of these options, see www.bearflat.org.uk]

* 3. Are there any particular features or facilities in your local built and natural environment, and/or experiences, interactions and concerns, defining the community with which you identify most? (Your comments will help us assemble the contextual evidence we need to persuade the LGBC of your preferred options.)

* 4. Thank you for completing our survey.  Before you go, please let us know which street you live in.