Thank you for taking time to complete these questions which should take just a few minutes. Please be assured that the survey is anonymous; we do not need your name or Blipfoto journal name at any point. 

We’d like to take on board as many Blippers’ opinions as possible to build a true picture so your answers are really important to us (even if you are not currently posting photos). No questions are compulsory but all responses will be really helpful to guide our future marketing plans. 

This first questionnaire aims to give us an idea of how Blipfoto is used by different groups of people now.  This will provide an indication of who our potential users are likely to be before attempting to communicate with them through marketing activities.

We’ll use a second questionnaire in a few weeks to ask your opinions about certain types of marketing that we are considering.  If, in the meantime, you have suggestions for us, please email us at

Many thanks
Richard and Bex
Blipfoto Marketing Ambassadors
(Blippers: Richard and WharfedaleBex)

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* 1. How did you initially discover Blipfoto?

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* 2. How often do you post a photo on Blip?

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