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Weight is currently a "hot topic" with regard to good health, and never more so since the out-break of COVID-19.  At DDRC Healthcare we have data regarding weight trends in divers going back as far as 1990! Back then in our first anonymous study our data showed 34% of divers were either overweight or obese. Twenty years later in 2019 our latest anonymous data showed 69% of divers were overweight or obese - following national trends. So this study is intended to get you all talking about, and thinking about, "watching your weight and health"! Please take part in this survey and get your dive club/school members to take part as well in DDRC Healthcare's latest Health of Divers project. All the information you give us will be totally untraceable to you, so we would value your participation in this project. There is a maximum of 30 questions in this survey, but you will not have to answer them all; so the survey should only take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Please follow the on-line instructions to the end.

Please be assured all information you give us will remain anonymous.

Questions regarding this survey may be directed to DDRC Healthcare: email - info@ddrc.org

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