Sign up to volunteer at the British Open Speedgolf Championships

The British Open Speedgolf Championships are at Piltdown Golf Club, East Sussex on Sunday 17 September 2017. It is an early start from 8am with prize giving estimated between 1 - 2pm. If you can get yourself to Piltdown Golf Club and would like to play a part in helping on the day, we would be delighted to hear from you! Any runners would only be needed for one 8-9K run!

* 2. The British Open Speedgolf Championship combines golf with running. Do you have any specific experience with golf and/or running/sporting  events?

* 3. Is their any specific role you'd be most suited to or is of particular interest?

* 4. British Speedgolf is still an emerging sport and we do not receive any funding, so we are currently not in a position to refund expenses for volunteers who support the event. Are you still willing to give up your time and contribute your skills on the day?

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