Kingsdale Foundation School - Sixth Form Application September 2018

Applications to the Kingsdale Foundation School Sixth Form for courses commencing in September 2018 can be made via this confidential online form.
Applicants are asked to note the following:
The deadline for receipt of completed forms is Friday 15th December 2017. The portal for applications will close at 5pm on this day.
Please refer to supporting documents available on our website before completing this form.
Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
Please ensure that all information is checked for accuracy before the Declaration is completed.
Requests for hard copy forms and other inquiries relating to the Sixth Form can be directed to the Sixth Form Office via email
Once a completed form is received, applicants will be invited in for an Information, Advice and Guidance meeting to discuss course choices and careers pathways.

* 1. Family Name

* 2. First Name

* 3. Date of Birth (format - DD/MM/YYYY)

* 4. Gender

* 5. Age as of 31st August 2018

* 6. Are you currently in Year 11?

* 7. Home Address

* 8. Home Post Code

* 9. Email Address - Please note that we will contact all applicants by email in the first instance.

* 10. Mobile Phone Number

* 11. Home Phone Number

* 12. Parent/Guardian name(s) & phone contact details

* 13. Were you born in the United Kingdom?

* 14. What is your Nationality?

* 15. Please list all of the schools you attended from the start of secondary education (Year 7) to present, including start and end dates of attendance, e.g. School A, 07/10 - Present.

* 16. Please list all of the subjects that you are studying and are taking examinations for, along with the type of qualification, e.g. GCSE/BTEC, the date of the examination, e.g. July 2018, and your predicted grades for each subject, e.g. Grade 9-1/A*-G.
Please note that students from Kingsdale do not need to supply predicted grades as these will be collated separately.

* 17. How long have you lived in the UK if less than 5 years?

* 18. What is your choice of Study Programme?
Please refer to the Course Guide before completing this section with particular reference to the entry requirements for pathways and courses.

* 19. Please list your chosen subjects to study in the Sixth Form
Please note that for A Level courses, it is usual for students to select three courses to study over 2 years.

* 20. At Kingsdale Foundation School, we are committed to equal opportunities and to supporting students fully with their learning.  Please use this section to provide us with any information that may support you in your studies or detail any specific support you may require.  We allocate designated funding to support applicants on the grounds of special social, personal, medical or educational need.

* 21. Do you suffer from any long term disability or illness which may affect your participation in all of the activities that the school offers?

* 22. Please use the section below to describe your interests and hobbies.  You can also use it describe any activity that you might do as part of your enrichment provision.  Please also indicate any work experience, paid employment, or internships that you have undertaken.

* 23. I declare that the details given in this form are correct.
Please note that we are unable to accept incomplete forms.

* 24. Full name of person completing this form.

* 25. Students at Scholarship level at Key Stage 4 already attending Kingsdale Foundation School will be granted an automatic Scholarship at Key Stage 5 on entry to the Sixth Form, subject to the usual conditions.

External applicants are able to apply for scholarships in the areas of Mathematics and the Creative and Expressive Arts by completing the separate Sixth Form Scholarship Application Form which is available from the Sixth Form Office or on our websiteĀ  Students in Year 11 at Kingsdale who do not currently have a scholarship can also apply using this form.

Do you wish to apply for a scholarship in: